Monday, 24 April 2017

Only You Can Make Yourself Happy

Clumber Park April 2017 - Maria A Smith

If you’re not feeling tickety-boo about yourself, or your situation, maybe it’s because you’re not happy? Perhaps it’s time to stop focusing on the negative things, and instead focus on what really makes you happy. When it comes to emotions, what meaning you give to things and what you focus on, control the way you’re going to feel. If you feel negative about what you’re doing, it’s going to eventually make you unhappy. 

So if you don’t look forward to going to the gym, and feel it’s something you’re obliged to do, then find another exercise. Stop beating yourself up - the gym isn’t your only option, you could join a running club or go to a yoga class instead, or walk to and from work every day. Stop doing stuff that makes you feel unhappy and grumpy. 

Likewise, if your goal is to write short stories, but you’re not enjoying it, reset your goals. Write a novel, or a poem, or try you hand at articles instead. You’re still a writer, and you’ll be happier finding something you enjoy writing. 

It’s the meaning of things that make you happy, not the things, and if you can change your mindset, then you’re on your way to happiness.  

I’ve had a very happy weekend away (which is why this post is a little later than usual) I’ve been recharging my creative batteries at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. The weather has been beautiful, and I did lots of walking through the ancient woodland. Life slowed right down, allowing me time to refocus and I’ve come back feeling energised.
Have a good week and let me know what makes you happy? 

Squirrel at Clumber Park  - Maria A Smith

Let's Build a Den!  - Maria A Smith

Anyone seen the bats?  - Maria A Smith 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pause and Plan

Last week I hit the pause button and took stock of my writing life. What I've been doing since the beginning of the year isn't working for me. I set out with good intentions in January, however I've lost my way, and it's time to reorganise and go forward with a different plan. Easter is a good a time to begin the process, it's a little like starting afresh on January 1st, and already I'm feeling more energised with my decision. I've been thinking about how I'm going to recharge my willpower batteries, and how I'm going to build good habits, so I've made a list. 

  • Sleep - I really must get at least 6.5 hours sleep every night because any less is no good for me, and it's a struggle to get through a working day, let alone do any writing. 

  • Diet - Making healthy choices will give me more energy, and I've already started. Adding more fruit and vegetables to my diet, and less cake! I haven't cut it out completely, because a little of what you fancy now and again does you good.  

  • Hydration - Drinking water helps you to think and focus and you'll be more motivated. It's also a natural headache remedy, and in my case, drinking more water eases backache too. Don't believe me? Try it yourself - increase your water intake this week, and see the difference. 

  • Walking - Just five minutes outside in the fresh air makes a difference to our mood. Especially if we are close to nature. 

  • Exercise - Other stuff apart from walking which makes you feel energised. I like pilates, and stretch classes. You may do something else to get your endorphin fix. Whatever it is, it will make you feel better about yourself. 

  • Tell a Writing Buddy - Get someone on side to cheer you on from the sidelines. They'll be your moral support when times are tough, they'll gee you along and help you get back on track when things go wrong. 
I've no doubt there are many more ideas I can add, this is only the start - What can you add to the above to help me stick to my new plan?

Happy Easter! 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Catching Up

Wow! What fabulous weather we've had this weekend. It's definitely lifted people's mood, and great to see folks enjoying the outdoors, and because it isn't as often as we'd like, you have to make the most of it, at every opportunity.

In the last week I've managed to catch up with lots of writing buddies, which is fuel for the creative well. On Friday I saw the ladies from the Leicester Chapter of the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) for lunch, where we exchanged happy chatter and lots of news. It's uplifting to hear how everyone is getting on, and listen to their plans for the next few months.

Saturday I went to my writing group and got some useful critique on a short story I'm writing for an anthology in aid of Cancer Research. I haven't written a 1000 word story for a long time, and it hasn't been easy! The theme is 'Identity' and after three failed attempts at different ideas, I finally got going and wrote 1750 words. Which resulted in me spending two evenings trying to get the story down to the required word count.  It was 1250 before I read out, so now this coming week I will tackle my revisions and get the word count within range.

In the afternoon, I met with my #writingchat friends over at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire, and we had a catch up in the cafe, followed by a stroll around the reserve. It's good to hang out with other writers, and there's always a lot of creative energy and a little bit of madness which helps.

Writing Plans 

I'm reading through my novel, it's not right, and I need to cut more stuff out altogether as it really isn't doing anything to further the story. Also, several of my writing group are going to meet up at the end of the month to help and assist each other with novel issues. In readiness for this, I need to revamp and circulate my synopsis by the weekend.

I'm Chairing the meeting on Easter Saturday, and need to do the advance admin and write a 150 word flash fictions piece, in the next few days.  I haven't made a writing 'to do' list yet, but I will be doing as soon as I finish this blog post. Things get done if they are on a list.
Time is precious and non of us can afford to spend our free hours doing things we really don't want to do, or stuff that isn't relevant. And with that in mind, I'll be doing a quick check to see where my time is being spent. Like many writers, I'm brilliant at procrastinating, and lately have slipped into bad habits. Too many things are getting in the way of my writing, and other things I want to do.

Is it time you identified what is important to you and what is not? I'm growing my list of unimportant things I need to ditch, such as taking too long over my household chores, and watching box sets into the wee small hours. I need to get good balance again.

Have a good week - Keep writing!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Start Fresh

What a week that was...

A bit hectic, with work and all sorts of other stuff. But I made it to Friday and have just spent a couple of days away in the caravan. Our first outing this year and I'd been looking forward to the break for weeks. We went to a small site on a working farm, where we were made to feel very welcome. In fact we spent a lot of time in the farm shop cafe eating and drinking, which hasn't done a lot for my waistline, but has made me feel happy and content.

Strange isn't it, how we know when we need a break. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air again, and not have to concern myself about looking at the clock, and even better not to have to think about, or cook what we were going to have for tea. I've come home recharged!

There is much to do, and some tight deadlines are looming but I'm going to try my hardest to do what I can in the time I have this week. It won't be oodles, but I'm planning to write a 1000 words story, a 150 word flash piece and do some other writing related stuff as well as another blog post.

I will of course still have to go to my day job, and do other necessary stuff too, lets see how I get on. I'll also have to work off all the homemade meals I ate over the weekend.

I feel that Spring has sprung! And plan to do lots of things.

Do share what you've been up to?